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How To Add Change To Perk Machines

One thing that was missing from the perk machines was the ability to get 100 points change when you go prone in front of the machine. But thanks to the amazing Nate Smith its VERY simple to add on.

Open up your mapname.gsc file that can be located by right clicking your map in the mod tools launcher and selecting “show zone folder”.


From here you can then navigate back to the maps base folder.


Now the mapname.gsc will be located in the “scripts > zm” folder.


Add the following within the main function

Then at the top of the file adding the following line just under “#using scripts\zm\_zm_pack_a_punch;”

As for code changes that will be all you need.  Next up is adding it to the perk machines themselves.

Load up radiant and enter one of the perk machine prefabs.  You are going to want to place a “Trigger > multiple” at the base of the perk machine so it looks like this.


Select the trigger and press”N” on the keyboard to bring up the entity ediror and you are going to want to add a few KVPs.

With those added all you need to do is save and compile your map and you will now have change when you go prone in front of your perk machines.

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