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How To Add A Musical Easter Egg

The following guide will show you how you can easily add a musical easter into your map.  To activate it all you have to do is shoot three teddy bears (or what ever item you choose) and then the music will play.  The original scrip was created by uptownpapi25 and mattarra but I made a few alterations.  The one problem with the original was when the music started playing you were unable to turn down the music.  With a few alterations you are now able to lower the volume on the music and it will cause the track to go quiet as well.

Copy and paste the following line to your “share/raw/sound/aliases/user_aliases”

Next up you need to sort out the music track that you want to have played.  To do this you will need to convert the track ready to be played.  To do this download Audacity (its FREE).  Open up the song you want to use and then make sure the Hz is set to 48000Hz


Once done you then need to export it as a .wav file using the filename “song_easter_egg1.wav” and save it in the “sound_assets” folder within the root directory.


Open up your mapname.gsc file that can be located by right clicking your map in the mod tools launcher and selecting “show zone folder”.


From here you can then navigate back to the maps base folder.


Now the mapname.gsc will be located in the “scripts > zm” folder.


Add the following within the main function

Once you have that done simply copy the following section and paste it at the bottom of the file.

Simply save the file and thats all the coding you will need to do.  Now all you need to do is add the “teddy_bear_musical_easter_egg.map” prefab into your map and compile.  You now have a fully working musical easter egg in your map.

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