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Variety Map Pack Giveaway

With the announcement from Activision that the Variety Map Pack will be coming soon we figured why not give away a few on the run up. So if you are like a lot of people out there and do not want to pay the $14.99 for it then we have the solution. Simply head on over to our Modern Warfare Remastered supply drop generator and start spinning. When you find this particular card you will be able to input your Twitter username and enter the giveaway. We will be picking winners on the lead up the the map packs release. Now we understand that the PlayStation 4 will be getting access to the maps first but that doesn’t matter. If you own a PC or XBOXOne copy of the game you are more than welcome to enter and if you do end up winning we will simply send you the equivalent amount for your system. So what are you waiting for – start spinning.

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