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Slasher Added To Modern Warfare Remastered Weekend Warfare

For those of you who want to relive the old days of playing Michael Myers you can now do so on this weekends “Weekend Warfare”. For the next couple of days you can get to play Slasher. After spawning in – one person is selected as the Slasher and it is their job to hunt down and kill everyone else. You will be equipped with a “Gravedigger” shovel and will have 10 minutes to find them all. As a victim you will only be armed with a pistol with a 8 bullets. These bullets are not deadly to the Slasher but if you him him with it it will slow him down. This “MIGHT” give you the chance to escape. As a survivor you are awarded 100xp every 10 seconds. as a Slasher you will be awarded 300xp EVERY kill you get. When it comes down to the Slasher and the last victim – both are given the “Gravedigger” and it becomes a fight to the death with ONLY one survivor.

This gamemode is perfect if you are going for those challenges as its easy to get the following as you play.

  • Gain the MERCILESS challenge if you are selected as its easy to get 10 kills without dying as the Slasher.
  • Eliminate ALL victims as the Slasher and you will be awarded with the FLAWLESS challenge.
  • Surviving for 5 minutes will award you with the SURVIVALIST challenge.

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