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Infinite Warfare 1.12 Update – New Weapons and VO’s

So today Infinity Ward dropped the latest update for Infinite Warfare – this now brings us up to 1.12. In this update we were treated to a couple of new weapons, in-game voice over announcers and some new quartermaster content.


  • X-Eon Assault Rifle : Full-auto energy rifle.  Advanced recoil compensator provides focused hip fire.  Aiming down sights increases fire rate.  integrated optics provides enhanced detection capabilities.
    Unlock Challenge : Get 6 kills with 6 different weapons in 15 games.
  • VPR Sub Machine Gun : Full-auto ballistic firearm.  Dual barrels and dual magazines provide both increased bullets down range and faster reloads.
    Unlock Challenge : Get at least 1 kill with the X-Eon in 12 seperate games.

In-Game Voice Overs:

  • UK Special Forces
  • Method Man

QR-M5TR Variants:


  • EZ (Common) : FOCUS – Reduced idle sway while aiming down sights.
  • MCP (Rare) : ON POINT – Speeds up aiming and reduces hip fire. / CREEPER : Increases movement speed while crouched.
  • Farseer (Legendary) : HITMAN – Killing all enemy players grants a large bonus to your Payload meter. / SHARPSHOOTER – Increased damage range.
  • Warsight (Epic) : THREAT DESIGNATOR – Optic counters Active Camo, Cold Blooded and Hardwired. / STABILITY – Reduced recoil.


  • Sting (Common) : STOCKPILE – Increased ammo.
  • Irascible (Rare) : DEATHBRINGER – Double kills instantly reload your magazin. / LOW RIDER – Reduces hip fire spread while sliding.
  • Wrath (Legendary) : REFRESHER – 5 player kill streak restores 1 lethal and tactical. / STEADY – Reduced hip spread.
  • Yokai (Epic) : ASSASSIN BUILD – Integrated silencer that also prevents revealing of victim death locations. / CREEPER – Increases movement speed while crouched.

Other Content:

  • Camos
    • Light Wave (Epic)
    • Pulse (Epic)
  • Reticles
    • Finger (Epic)
  • Gestures
    • Mini Seeker (Legendary)
    • Basketball (Legendary)

General Fixes

  • Fix for game mode names appearing incorrectly in Moshpit
  • Various leaderboard fixes
  • Grind adjustments:
  • Fixed an issue where players were dropping 1 less tag than intended in some cases
  • Updated default bank speed to 1s per tag
  • Fixed an issue where the player could bank tags just outside of the visual radius of the bank
  • Added an additional half second increment bank time option in Custom Matches
  • Clicking on the Message of the Day would change the Active Mission on PC. This has been fixed
  • Reduced Tac Resist challenge from 75 to 40
  • Infected Knife Updates: Less lunge range and width. Players have to be a little more accurate when going to melee a target
  • Fix for a player’s Rig not holding a weapon after a playing a match and returning to the next pre-game lobby

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